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About Us

Sainty Pharma, we are a professinal chemcial, and pharma exporter, 
founded in 1979, it is one of the biggest state-owned company.
In 2015, Sainty Group sales turnover raised 2.0 billions US Dollars. 
Our company advantage are mainly as below:
1.Jiangsu Sainty, is a stated owned company, have very strong financial background.
it is among the top 3 companies owned by Jiangsu Province Goverment.and strong sinosure surpporting., 
and good bank service.with lower bank/sinosure charge , we can offer tt copy, lc90. TT/DA 90 ect,
at competitive price.
2. Our team is professional, knowing more about pharmaceutical industry, 
and enjoy a good mfg surpporting. 
3. Our team is young but work very hard. we can provide promptly reply, carefully following the whole order.
hope you will find we are reliable partner in China.