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Medical Instruments in Operating Room

The following is a brief list of medical equipments in the operating room. However, each operating room varies depending on the type of surgery being performed. Also, many patients are given medication to help them sleep before going to surgery, and may not be awake enough to notice the equipment.
The operation table in the center of the room can be raised, lowered, and tilted in any direction.
The operation lights are over the table to provide bright light, without shadows, during surgery.

The anesthesia machine is at the head of the operating table. This machine has tubes that connect to the patient to assist him/her in breathing during surgery, and built-in monitors that help control the mixture of gases in the breathing circuit.

An electronic monitor (which records the heart rate and respiratory rate of your child by adhesive patches) are placed on patients’ chest.

If patient is awake and still has questions about the equipment once he/she goes into surgery, the surgical staff can answer his/her questions in the operating room.